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Beach Web Design Ethical Policy

Beach Web Design is a small family business, and we aim to keep it family friendly.

It is important to us to follow an ethical policy ourselves and (we hope!) to provide an ethical option in our field of work. Our hope is that setting an ethical policy from the beginning will force us to hold the business to that standard. We are continually adding to our ethical policy as we discover new ways of applying it in business, but the policy so far is detailed below.

For more information, please contact us.
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We hope our ethical policy will provide a firm foundation.

Our Web Content Policy

Beach Web Design will not host or work on websites with certain types of content, including:
  • Any material in violation of any UK legislation
  • Copyrighted works for which the customer does not have permission from the copyright owner
  • Any content that flashes in a way that could cause epileptic fits
  • 'Adult' material of any sort including all pornography, erotic images, or otherwise 'lewd or obscene' content
  • Promotion or glamourisation of weapons, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, pornography or drugs
  • Offensive material including, but not limited to, racism, sexism, homophobia, bullying, cruelty, religious bigotry, or incitement to violence
  • Any depiction of violence that UK film censors would not rate as acceptable for viewing by all age groups.
What constitutes 'offensive' or 'adult material' is left entirely to the discretion of Beach Web Design, but as a general guide, customers can refer to the UK film censorship guidelines for 'Uc', 'U', 'PG' and '12' rated films. If it wouldn't be OK in a '12' rated film, we probably wouldn't consider it family friendly enough.

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Beach Web Design supports the NSPCC

  • All our purchases of office equipment and web services, including web hosting and domain names, raise 0.25% for the NSPCC via a Halifax NSPCC Credit Card. OK, it's more a matter of organisation than a big sacrifice on our part, but at least we are doing it.
  • We will continue looking for ways to support and promote charities through our website and the business wherever we can.
  • For example, try searching the web with Magic Taxi. Every time it is used it raises money for charity. They also offer email accounts that raise money for charity, and I am testing one out at the moment.

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Professional Memberships and Codes of Conduct

I will be looking to join appropriate professional associations and sign up to their codes of conduct. Most of them require the website to be there first, so I will do this once the website is finished.

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Job Enquiries

If anyone ever contacts us looking for work, whether we have a job advertised or not, we promise to reply to them. We have no plans to offer full time jobs, but if you have skills, experience or enthusiasm to offer and you would like to team up with us, we would be glad to hear about it.

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Building Accessible Websites

  • We will not consider a website finished if it does not meet at least the minimum Level A accessibility requirements.
  • We will not agree to produce a new website if the customer does not agree to meet this accessibility requirement. Apart from any ethical implications, website accessibility is also a legal requirement.
  • For a user guide to accessibility within this website, please see Visitor Guide to Accessibility

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Designing with Web Standards

  • We will always do our best to produce valid, standards-compliant code, giving our websites the best chance of reliability and cross-browser compatibility both now and in the future.
  • We will test web pages on completion, and periodically repeat testing when changes have been made to the website.
  • For more information about our use of web standards, please see Quality Standards in Web Design and Development.

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Use of Free and Open Source Scripts

  • Wherever we use free or open source scripts, we will use them in accordance with the terms of their licenses and register them, credit them or link to the authors in whatever way they request.
  • For a current list of credits and links relating to scripts used on this website, please visit our copyright page.

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Search Engine Optimisation or Search Engine Friendliness?

  • We will not promise a guaranteed high ranking in search results, as we know that search engine optimisation is best used as part of an overall marketing strategy and the best result it can guarantee is an improvement in the chance of high rankings.
  • We will not knowingly use 'black hat' or 'spam' search engine optimisation techniques in attempts to obtain higher rankings by trickery, as these could cause penalties in rankings for our customers (and ourselves!).
  • We subscribe to search engine news services in order to keep track of what is or is not considered 'black hat'.
  • In most cases, there is plenty of improvement possible within the search engine approved guidelines (i.e. 'white hat' SEO). Because of this, we prefer to describe our service as 'search engine friendliness'.

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  • We will not pass on personally identifiable information about our customers or visitors unless required to by law.
  • We do collect statistics on visitors' technical details and how they access our web pages, which we use in improving our marketing and usability strategies.
  • Our advertisers record visitor traffic using cookies.
  • Where E-Cards are installed, we do not allow extra scripts to collect visitor statistics on the card pickup (message) pages. The e-card application can record which cards are chosen while still keeping messages private.
  • For more information, please see our privacy policy.

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Reducing our impact on the Environment

  • The Beach Web Design office is powered by 'Juice' green electricity from nPower and Clipper organic fairtrade coffee.
  • The Beach Web Design office is lit by an energy efficient light bulb and a small bendy clip-on light.
  • Whenever possible (at the moment, for example), we have recycled paper in our printer. If anyone's curious, we get recycled office paper from Euroffice and WHSmith's.
  • In order to use printer ink more efficiently, our office printer uses a separate ink cartridge for each colour so that when one colour runs out, only that one needs replacing. Again, we got the printer from .
  • We also try not to leave equipment on and even switch the computer off from time to time.
  • We haven't recycled any paper yet - it's still here, all around me.

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Google AdSense

This is part of an experiment detailed in my blog, in which I test out various aspects of web advertising. I've put a block of 'Google AdSense' here, as I'm interested to see what relevant links it comes up with - will they be web design ads or ethical ads? It all depends exactly how they target them. I'll put a few blocks of these on odd pages around the site and we'll see how it goes. Personally I'm hoping for ethical ads as they seem to be so much less common (too bad really!).
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