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Our Web Design Packages

We take a 'pizza-style' approach

Websites are so different in their size, structure, designs and extra features, it leaves many people wondering where to start.

We'd like to help you cut through the confusion, rule out all the extra variables, and choose the right website for you, with our fabulous 'pizza' method of web design.
Curious? Read on...

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We will help you choose a website
that's right for you.

Pizza Web Design

  • Our standard packages provide a basic foundation for the website's size and structure.
  • You can then choose from our extra options to put together a website that's exactly what you need.
  • Once you know what you want the website to do, our resources can help you plan out how you want it to look.
  • Finally, you can look ahead with our services for planning regular updates, registering with directories and search engines, and monitoring visitor traffic for your marketing campaigns.
  • We will set up a contract with an agreed job list so that you will know from the start how much the website will cost and when it will be delivered. If you have deadlines, eg for a sales campaign, or magazine advertising, let us know your schedule and we will work with it.

Think of it like ordering a pizza: choose the base, choose the toppings, choose where you want the toppings, give it to us to bake and we'll return it in a sturdy box, properly delivered, in time and looking fresh and appealing, though not smelling of much.

Please contact us for more information, or to discuss your options in person.

Our Standard Packages

Not sure which package type is for you? See if our questionnaire will help.

Our standard packages, roughly in order of size and complexity, are:

Our Economy Packages

The following packages are also available in economy versions: To qualify for economy pricing, the website must cut design and testing costs by using a standard template-based design and layout, rather than an individual custom built design. This approach does run a higher risk of another website looking the same as your own, but in some cases that may not be a problem. We can provide occasional free templates to choose from, or you can buy a template from our Template Shop at an extra cost. We will add our professional services in building your website to make it search engine friendly, easy to navigate and compliant with at least the minimum accessibility requirements.

For more information about our quality controls, please see Quality Standards in Web Design and Development.

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