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Website Accessibility Services

If one is left out, we all lose out: accessibility matters to us all

First of all, if you're looking for a guide to accessibility features in this website, please click here for our visitor accessibility guide.

It is very important to us to ensure our websites are accessible to all their visitors. It is also required by law.

In particular, we focus on ensuring our websites' contents can be accessed and navigation systems can be operated without depending on visual information or on any single input device, such as the mouse, which not everyone may be able to use. We are also careful to avoid certain types of web content which can cause problems, such as flashing images.

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Accessibility of our websites is important to us.

We check all our websites against internationally agreed guidelines issued by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI), which is part of the Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C). During development of a website, we will do periodic checks using the 'Fangs' screenreader emulator, and we also check web pages on completion using automated general accessibility checking tools. We will not consider a website finished unless it meets at least the minimum Level 'A' accessibility guidelines, and we will not take on development projects unless this requirement is agreed.

Coming soon, our accessibility guestbook

To show good faith, I will soon be adding an accessibility guestbook, so that your comments and suggestions can be made public and visitors can check up and see what I've been doing about them.

Guide to our Web Accessibility Services

Website Accessibility Reports

For £45, we can offer a detailed report on your website's accessibility (prices cover up to 3 hours' work). For larger websites, we can either focus on the main pages in the report or charge extra at £15 / hour for more details. To save time and money, and ensure thoroughness, it would help very much if you could provide a site map, or at least a list of files and directories, and dynamically generated pages. If you do not have this, we will need to produce this list as it will need to be signed off as a job list before beginning the report and on completion of work carried out.

Website Accessibility Makeovers

If work is undertaken as a result of the report, a rate of £15 / hour will apply, with the first £45 from the report being discounted against this. You will also receive documentation of work undertaken and accessibility test results for each page listed.

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Mobile Access

Due to the limitations of our equipment, we can't guarantee that your site will look good on every mobile device, but we can ensure mobile accessibility of your website's information content.

Printing your Website

Printing is often overlooked in web design. If your website is not printing the way you would like it too, we will be happy to investigate (under the same arrangement), and either produce a printing stylesheet that is used automatically or a separate version that can be chosen for printing.

Where do we start?

Either contact me via my contact form, email me directly (annabel at with your website's address, or phone me on the number at the top of the page.

The British Standards Institution's Publicly Available Specification "Guide to good practice in commissioning accessible websites" is available free of charge from the Disability Rights Commission. Click here to obtain the PAS78 free of charge

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Latest News from the Web Standards Group Accessibility Task Force (RSS Feed)

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